Packing Services Tip. Start early! Never rush packing services. Give yourself plenty of time. We suggest starting at least 6 weeks before a move. Give yourself enough time to collect packing materials, and protect all of your items. Packing Services Tips Proper packing services supplies will help protect your household goods. Boxes. Shrink wrap. Moving pads, and bubble wrap. They will be needed for every move. You can find great deals on packing materials. Just search online. They can be delivered right to your home. When packing services electronics. Monitors. Flat screen TVs. Computers. Always bubble wrap. Or use towels before putting the items in a box. You do not want the items moving within their containers. Always protect the screens. If a TV or monitor will not fit in a box, bubble wrap the screen. Then break down a box and tape it around the screen area. Flat screen technology is very delicate. It should be packed with great care.

Packing Services Tip always try to wrap your furniture with moving pads, or blankets. This will prevent scratches, and prevent your items from getting dirty in a moving van. We suggest moving pads because shrink wrap can tear, and it does not provide any cushion for your items. Remember moving companies will not move items that are not properly boxed. When packing dishes, try to use a dish packing services box. They are thicker and provide more protection for your glassware. Always wrap each piece with dish paper, but if that is unavailable you may use newspaper. This will prevent nicks and scratches on china, and glassware while in the box. Never move loose items such as small pictures, keyboards, linens, files, cd’s, etc without putting them neatly in a box. These items tend to move if left unsecured in a moving truck, and will break, become dirty, or thrown about the moving truck. Keep it neat, keep it organized.

Packing Services Tip. Always label your boxes; it will be easier to place them in the proper rooms at your destination. This will allow for a smooth transition into your new location. Always use hand dollies and carts to move heavy items such as stoves, refrigerators, and washer/dry, this will help avoid personal injuries, and damage to the items because someone was tired and dropped a heavy appliance or furniture piece. Planning, planning, and more planning! If you are having a moving company move your items, or even moving yourself never pack items that you will need in a pinch with the rest of your belongings. Items like medication should be with you at all times, because they may not be accessible in the bottom of a heavy box that is under a stack of boxes. Also, moving companies take time to deliver your items, make sure that you have any items that you will need immediately at your new location, such as several changes of clothing, linens, laptop computers, and phones. If they are on a moving truck that is in route to your new home, you will not have them for a few days and in some cases, weeks.

Limited delivery area consists of 50 mile radius of your city.


Prompt, thorough and courteous communication keeps our customers informed every step of the way, reducing the stress that often accompanies a move.  We are responsive to estimate requests and bookings, address any building issues timely, and send you text message updates before, during and after the move.


We are familiar with every Bay area neighborhood and well-versed in building requirements. Whatever might go wrong on moving day - from broken elevators to street closures and inclement weather - we’ve been there and know how to manage it in a cost effective manner. 


We have integrated our moving processes to offer you a comprehensive experience.  From the moment of contact, you will be guided smoothly and carefully by our friendly administrative staff. Our competent movers have developed their skills over many years and take pride in their work. 


We are small enough to give personalized attention to each one.  Any issues that arise are addressed in a responsive and capable fashion.  No problem goes unsolved.