Do you hire long distance moving companies to transport your belongings?
A lot of people do that. However, I always try to be careful whenever I hire long distance movers. I guess I learned from my experiences.
In this article, I will share to you the most common mistakes that people, including me commit in hiring movers. You have to be aware of these to avoid long term problems.
1. Some people do not get estimates when hiring long distance moving companies
It is important that you know how much you are about to spend in moving. Even if it is just an estimate, you can at least prepare your budget for it. You would not want to end up spending more than what you really can afford. Knowing a tentative amount of money that you will need can also help you decide if you will hire a particular moving company. If the estimates that they will give you are way too high than what you expect, then do not settle with them. You can look for other movers who can offer you their service for a more affordable price.
2. Not clarifying terms and conditions before signing the contract
Long distance movers have varying terms and conditions. And most clients make this stupid mistake of not reading their terms well, thinking that the conditions of these moving companies are just the same. I once made this mistake too, when I immediately signed the contract without knowing that one of their conditions states that highly-sensitive materials are not covered by their insurance. I was very careless and so when one of my furniture were damaged, I asked them to pay for it but they handed me the contract and pointed out the part which states that in such instances, the company would not be liable for the damages. So I ended up regretting my damaged furniture. To avoid this, be sure that you have read their terms well before signing it.
3. Not being sure which services offered by long distance moving companies they should avail
Though you feel overwhelmed by packing and moving stuff, you should first decide what services you should avail from them. You do not just call them and tell them to do this and do that; they know what they should do depending on the type of service you need from them. If you will call for a full-pledge service, they will help you pack your things, bring it to the truck, transport it to your desired destination, and they will even unpack it for you. Now, if you will call them for a transportation-only service, you should have your things packed before they arrive. Their only job is to transport it for you; so you will take care of unpacking it as well. Know their services first, and then evaluate your needs, afterwards, you can call them once you are sure.
4. Some are overwhelmed by cheap rates, without knowing that there could be hidden costs
Yes, we are all after cheaper rates, but do not made the mistake of accepting movers just because their rates are lower than others. Most of companies who do this add hidden costs to make your payables equally high as other companies would do. If you want to save, compare more companies and get estimates. Do not forget to read the terms of these long distance moving companies as some of the costs might be mentioned there while you are clueless about it.

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