Long distance moving companies have become widespread nowadays. You can hire movers almost anywhere; there are also some offering their service through the internet. But because of its popularity, there are scammers out there who have thought of putting up a long distance moving company. They get the people’s money through different scamming methods but the quality of their services is so poor.
Now you might be asking, “How can I avoid them” So I wrote this article to answer your question. I will state some of the possible things that you can do to spot fake movers from the real ones.
1. When You Call Their Office, Observe How The Company Representative Answers The Phone
This is one good way to spot fake movers. Try to call the phone number of their office. Movers whether fake or real ones will have at least a contact number where you can call for inquiries. Call them and observe how the person on the other line speaks with you. Do they sound professional enough Is he willing to answer your questions Did they mentioned the name of the company first as they answered your call, or did they just picked it up and asked what you need Though this might sound judgmental, I know that professionals and established companies would be polite enough even in answering phone calls from their clients.
2. Fake Long Distance Moving Companies Insists On Extremely High Down Payments Even Before The Move
In whatever service you are trying to avail, always be careful in making payments. Never pay the full price at once. If the long distance movers are asking for a real big down payment, better look for another company that could help you relocate. You could give a down payment but it should be of reasonable amount. Just think of this If you will give them the amount they demanded (a very big amount though you have not moved yet), they could easily run away with it, right So it is still best to be careful in your transactions.
3. They Would Not Be Informing You Of Your Rights And Responsibilities Before Moving
Yes, you must be aware of your rights and responsibilities as you relocate. To check if they are trustworthy, ask them about your rights and responsibilities. If they seem hesitant about this then they could be hiding something from you; they could be doing things that violates your rights as their customer. So hire long distance moving companies who are very transparent about these matters.

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