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Los Angeles local moving is what started our brand more than 10 years ago, and we take pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations!


Moving across the California state? Across the US? We will get you there! At Any Way Moving Company we are here to help with a variety of long-distance services in Los Angeles that can take the stress free of your next move.


Relocating, It’s the one job most do not like. Moving house locally, long distance or internationally in Los Angeles is a stressful time. Moving house stress free is a series of plans made that need to fall into place exactly for it to make you house relocation move less stressful.


We’ve learned a thing it comes to packing efficiently. The most effortless approach to pack is to go room by room. Another keystone of the packing is using the right supply. It includes packing and moving heavy furniture.


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There are many things that need to be understood before opting for relocating moving services like Any Way Moving company like what are additional charge, cost of move and more. Long distance movers in Los Angeles normally use this language and thus you ought to be familiar with it. Some of the most common words and phrases used by relocating moving services like moving services Los Angeles, Moving services San Francisco, Anaheim moving service, San Jose movers or Oakland relocation are given below which would help you come in terms with language used during relocation services.
Accessorial charges
This is also called the additional charge and means some extra payment that you need for services packing, extra pick up and elevator carry. These are offered by Los Angeles relocation moving services Any Way Moving company at very affordable rates.
This is a local company, which is a part of the larger company and offers relocation services like the owner company.
Appliance service
This means the appliances of the household are dismantled and transported to the new location. These include washing machine, dryer and fridge. Sometimes a surcharge is applied for these services.
Assessed value coverage
This phrase determines the amount you need to pay per thousand dollars of the assessed value to cover our household items to their full-assessed value. All long distance and Concord, CA movers including Lafayette moving service, Orinda relocation and Moraga moving service provider Any Way Moving generally use this.
Bill of lading
This the contract signed between you and the relocation services company. LA long distance movers get it signed by the hirer so must be careful before signing the bill of lading which actually is a contract for transportation of items.
This is actually another name given to the long-distance movers rendering relocating moving services to you.
TopCost of moving
Basically, defines the amount you need to pay to hire relocation services by long distance movers. Many things affect cost of moving including packing and supplying extra material or extra staff so you must clear all these things with our moving services provider beforehand.
This is the approximate value that your long distance movers decide and give you with quotes and it is like an assessment of the goods that need to be transported.
Flight charge
This is an extra charge that is charged to you by relocating moving services like moving things up or down the staircase. Any Way Moving renders all these facilities at very affordable rates.
Full service mover
This service is provided by long distances movers and nationwide movers. It includes moving everything from your old destination to your new house. All the responsibility is there and hence you can be totally tension free.
Guaranteed pick-up and delivery
This ensures that Any Way Moving guarantees the dates of pickup of goods and deliver at new address as always and compensations are made for a delay.
High value article
As the name suggests this marks the articles that are valued at more than hundred dollars per pound and they should be brought into the notice of long distance movers to ensure safety.
Line haul charges
These are the basic charges for long distance as charged by nationwide movers and long distance movers. These are different from additional charges, which are also called accessorial charges.
Local moving
This means when you are hiring relocation services for moving to a place less than hundred miles away. You are normally charged hourly for this service.
Long distance movers
These are of two types interstate and intra state. Interstate is more than hundred miles within a state and intra state is relocation services to another state regardless of the miles.
Loading ramp
As the name suggests it is a tool, which loads items into the truck. This is a part of relocating moving services.
Order number
It is the number used to identify your shipment or items.
Order for service
It is the document, which allows the long distance movers to help you in relocation services, and is attached to the bill of lading.
Peak season rates
These are he rates during summer when most people relocate and are, he maximum rates offered b relocating moving services ever.
Packing service
This is the cost of packing and unpacking all your items by nationwide movers Any Way Moving specialist in relocation services. This should be decided with our company before packing be it South San Francisco moving service, Daly City relocation, Long Beach relocation, San Mateo relocation, Moving services Huntington Beach, Moving services Sunnyvale or Fremont moving service.
Storage in transit
This is the place where your goods are placed for some time before they can be relocated by

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