Double check every room
Before you leave your old house, check each room one last time. Go through every closet, cabinet and drawer. You do not want to forget anything! We suggest two people tackling this job separately. If you each double check the entire home, it’ll actually be triple checked.
Label boxes accurately
Be precise and accurate when labeling your boxes. Utilize colored tape and assign each room a shade. You can use purple tape for the kitchen and green tape for the living room. This visual cue will make it very easy to figure out where each box goes. You should also write on the box (generally) what is inside.
Start packing early
Use proper packing materials. It might be very tempting to use old boxes you find lying around or even boxes given to you by other people. That may not be the best idea, because compromised and previously used boxes are more likely to fall apart. If you want to protect fragile items from breaking, pack them in sturdy boxes without any holes or tears. You’ll also need old blankets, towels or bubble wrap to pad items.
Get rid of unused items
While preparing for the move, try and get rid of some stuff. It will save you time (because you won’t be packing it up) and money (because moving companies charge based on move size). If you hold a garage sale to sell unwanted items, you can even make a profit to use towards moving costs!
Create a photo inventory
Create an inventory to stay organized and know exactly what you have. Accidents will happen. By creating an inventory, you know will exactly what is lost. A photo inventory will be especially helpful, because you will have proof of the item’s condition right before the move.
Take photos of your electronics
If you have a television, computer or any gaming console, they have a lot of cords and wires. And if you plug wires into the wrong ports, your electronics won’t work. Take a picture before disconnecting anything, so you will know exactly where everything goes. We also suggest putting each electronics’ wires in their own bag. This will make the reconnection process much easier.
Pack an overnight bag
Put together an overnight bag for moving day. The bag should contain anything you need to access quickly, including medicine, change of clothes, toiletries, etc. You also want to keep any important documents (birth certificates, financial documents) and small, irreplaceable items (valuable jewelry) with you.

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