Relocation due to sudden changes in work situation is very common nowadays, which is why long distance moving companies became more in demand. We have become very busy in this fast-paced world that things we used to do are now done by other people and we pay them for their services. Well, times have really changed.
Anyway, though getting the services of these long distance movers have been proven to be very beneficial, there are still risks that are involved when you hire them. You need to be fully aware of these things to avoid problems in the near future. I will share some of the most common problems and risks that are involved in hiring movers in this article.
1. Vary in the cost of services
Depending on your location, these movers could be charging you by weight of your packages or by an hourly rate of the use of their equipment. Inquire about this first before you settle down with a particular company. Ask for an estimated cost. Check if that would be everything that you would have to pay. Some companies attract clients by advertising low rates but they have hidden charges, so will end up paying an equally expensive service. The cost of the service is one of the most critical and risky aspect, as it may vary without you noticing it. You might be surprised with the total cost that you have to pay in the end.
2. Property damage is inevitable
As they transport your belongings, some of the fragile items could be damaged. This is unavoidable, though most companies use protective wrappings to avoid this to happen. So before you hire a mover, check your insurance and the company’s insurance policies as well. Ask if they will cover the expenses in replacing or repairing any damaged items. If the moving company is not properly insured, they might not replace it so you will have to take necessary actions like informing them of the problem, calling any agency that could help you about this, and getting the advice from your lawyer.
3. Typical Scams
Some companies would lie, telling you that they arrived early and you were not home so they considered your belongings as undeliverable. If this happens, they would tell you that they temporarily stored it in a storage facility, and well it has additional charges. This is just one of the scams that fake and unprofessional long distance moving companies do and it might happen to you too, so to avoid this be clear about the delivery time of the stuff.

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