Justin Ziemniak Anaheim, CA

We had contracted with a Any Way Moving Company affiliate for our relocation from Orange County to San Jose in early January after researching moving companies and we found them on this website and are happy to say that everything went really, really well. the moving men Stephan and Sergey were outstanding gentlemen and really knew what they were doing. They used furniture blankets and shrink wrap and just did an outstanding job protecting our items. I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in this move and for making it a truly seem less transition.This is one of the most amazing company I have ever dealt with in moving.

James San Francisco, CA

I looked hard to find trustworthy movers to hire, and I'm glad I found Any Way Moving. I packed most of my stuff myself, but I left the most delicate items for them. They knew just how to tackle it and planned my move better than I could have done myself. They really helped to make it a painless process.

David K. Oakland, CA

I used Any Way Moving more than once. I've moved several times in California and once out of state. This company was by far the most reliable I've used. They took care of my very expensive, custom built furniture without rushing… Everything was wrapped and protected before entering the truck, so there was no significant damage. I am very happy with their service!

Cathy Concord, CA

Any Way Moving is definitely top-notch. We had more than one delivery location, and the movers were able to accurately drop off exactly what we needed at each. They guided us through the move where we would have been totally lost! We heard such horror stories about moving companies, so I'm glad we chose Any Way Moving.

Colin and Kim Jones Los Angeles, CA

Dealing with others is what can be complex, Having reliability. On a recent move The stress came about just trying to change telco’s and moving with pre-teen children. Other times its been removalist reliability. I will state now what you pay for is what you get. Cleaning the property you are leaving from and the toll it takes on everyone’s nerves just adds to the complexity. I used to brag 12 moves in 4 years now after 8 years its move number 13, older kids, pets and less patience. What you are experiencing is usual and normal, Hope this may help your move. Kind regards and sanity

Russell Powell Daly City, CA

What impressed me about Any Way Moving company was their skill, good humor and professionalism. We gave them very little notice to pack and move the entire contents of our house and they accomplished the task without any difficulty or damage, and their eventual price was lower than their estimate.

Steven Chaput, Real Estate Management, Inc. San Mateo, CA

Any Way Moving company moved the tenants in the apartment house I manage prior to renovation. It could have been a tumultuous situation because a number of tenants didn't want to move. Four Guys were prompt, efficient and moved my tenants without fuss or damage in very difficult circumstances. They're also reasonably priced.

Edith Allison Redwood City, CA

What impressed me most was how gentle the guys were with our things, and how gentle they were with each other. They took great care with every piece of furniture and seemed to always be concerned with how everyone in the crew was doing. The two leaders, Ali and Iman, worked especially well together. It was a brutally hot day, but they never complained and their energy never flagged. We've used national movers before and our things have been damaged. Nothing was damaged during move to our new house.

Janelle A. South San Francisco, CA

Considering I've used other local moving companies in the past, these guys are the best. They wrapped furniture and didn't waste time doing it. And they did it well. They didn't drag their feet one bit. I ordered 3 movers and we filled the largest truck that they had. Unloading required booties to be worn on carpet and they took them on and off without issue even though I know that's a pain in the neck. I never want to move again but if I do, I don't have to stress about who I'm going to hire.

Waylon B. San Bruno, CA

Blown away is how I would describe the service and effort put forth by Any Way Moving & Storage Company. This moving company was very attentive to our needs including but not limited to our packing needs and our timing. The movers provided short term storage till our stuff was ready and they delivered on our requested day and did not charge us a dollar extra than what was quoted. Very pleased with the work!

Susan Daly City, CA

Any Way Moving and Storage was recommended by a friend who used them for a similar move. Originally, the idea of my stuff traveling a long distance without me was enough to make me freak out. I contacted Any Way Moving and had an in-depth conversation about my move. The movers were quick and efficient. They didn't seem to struggle or take long breaks. They packed my apartment quicker than they originally quoted. Everything arrived in great shape. I have no complaints.

Elizabeth SC Martinez, CA

They were efficient and took such great care moving all of my belongings it was like they were moving their mom’s house. They paid total attention to what they were doing, making sure not to damage my stuff, the walls of the apartment I was moving out of, and the property that I was moving into. All said and done – packing, loading, driving, and unloading – they were done with my two-bedroom apartment in four hours.

Lisa Paltov Lafayette, CA

Any Way Moving is great! I recently had to move on a very short notice, and I mean short, I only had 3 days to move out : ( I was very stressed out that I would have to move everything by myself. My friend recommended me to get a moving company so that it would make this smoother. I looked around online found several companies. Only one of them was available on such a short notice. It was Any Way Moving. They were very professional, carefully wrapped all my stuff and moved it. Since it was my first time hiring a moving company, honestly speaking I was a little skeptical but to my relief nothing at all was damaged or lost during the move : ) The guys were super nice and quick. All in all it was a great moving experience. P.S. I’m never moving myself ever again, I’m always hiring professional movers, it’s so easy, I just sat back and did nothing : ) Thanks Any Way Moving!!! Great guys, quality work : )

Bobby Lopez Orinda, CA

My wife and I recently bought a new home and hired Any Way Moving to help us with the process of moving our belongings. Both of the homes had 4 bedrooms so it was definitely a lot of stuff that needed to be wrapped and moved. Any Way Moving provided us with the shrink wrap and other stuff so that our furniture was protected. We had so much stuff that they we’re wrapping, packing and moving the whole day but the process went by very smoothly. There employees are knowledgeable and know how to professionally move furniture. Def using them next time.

Greg Nissan Moraga, CA

Any Way Moving company was recommended to me by my Office Manager. They have moved several of the Partners in the Firm as well as moving the Office twice in the past years. The Office considers Any Way Moving to be one of the Finest Moving Companies available to handle your Move. Any Way Moving company offers a Guaranteed Flat-rate price for your move so that you will know the exact amount the move will cost before it ever begins. The Crew that moved me was fast, efficient, friendly and professional. I had several pieces of assembled furniture that were missing bolts and screws and the Crew replaced them when re-assembling the furniture. All of my belongings were wrapped with care and arrived at my new apartment without even one scratch. I would recommend Any Way Moving company to anyone seeking an honest Moving Company and consider Any Way Moving company to be one of the Best Moving Companies in America.

Marcia Long Beach, CA

Any Way Moving and Storage is the best moving company I have ever used. And I have moved a lot! Practically every employee I have dealt with is extremely helpful. They are so respectful of your home and belongings. I sincerely don't know how I would have completed this move without their help.

Gwen Hawkins Sunnyvale, CA

I was so nervous using a moving company. I have heard the horror stories. Items getting broken, being overcharged. But Any Way Moving was a delight to work with! Everything went so smooth. I’ll definitely use them again.

Joanne Santa Clara, CA

I have a very positive overall experience with this company. They were both polite and professional. My quote was accurate, and the moving crew worked hard. Their customer service representatives kept me in the loop and communicated with me throughout the whole process. I would 100% recommend this company to family and friends that need to move.

Evan G San Francisco, CA

Aly and Iman were excellent start to finish. They efficiently, and quickly moved our whole home with respect, kindness, and care. Despite the overwhelming heat and lack of air conditioning, they worked extremely hard to get things done, including moving every heavy piano. I will definitely use them in the future. Thank you so much!

Jonathan C Los Angeles, CA

Stephan and Iman were fantastic. They made the move extremely easy, took care of all the furniture, and made me feel at ease with all the fragile stuff. Also, very friendly and personable. Great job guys. Id highly recommend them for your move!

Kris G Santa Ana

These guys did a fantastic job! We want to thank Stephan, Jon, J, Nickolas and Sergey for a great day! Moving is stressful but these guys work extra hard and were so helpful. They took extra care to wrap and pad our stuff so it wouldn't get damaged. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing movers! Thank you, guys!



So, you finally sell your home, and now you need everything from a family to your new home. To find a reliable moving company is not easy. Moving industry has a terrible reputation. Have their nightmare stories more money holder things hostage. Do not consider themselves in this situation. Prior to working at the company’s decision to prepare and give these tips a try.
Moving from one home to another is not cheap. Moving quote will generally take into account two things. These things you need to move and how far you need to move traffic. You should always have at least three moving quote. Generally speaking, the offer is free of charge on the Internet or by telephone. Once you get a quote, then you need to ensure that it is in writing, you understand the contract.
Previously always moving company several times referred to a decision. Ask you who they use in the past, and make sure you check your city’s blood-brain barrier and cities, you are a friend. Do not rely on it, said agents of change. To ensure that you get other people’s opinions.
To ensure that the bonded company and insurance. You do not want all of your things stolen, and then find out your company does not have insurance. In addition, to ensure that workers and insurance. If you need special items moved such as piano or car then make sure your company can handle the request.
In accordance with the above tips, you will find that your actions will be much easier. Good luck.